Robot Hobby Sharing


RoboBASics is meant for beginning robot hobbyists.

Buying a Raspberry Pi B+ in 2014 out of curiosity revived a boy's hobby: building robots. Learned an awful lot since then and loved learning it. Still a very beginner and eager to what is out there.

The internet is a great tool for learning. However I've spend a lot of precious time finding answers to my puzzles. The least I can do is to post what I've found and learned. Hopefully it will save other starters time finding their path through the universe of information on robotics, electronics, math, coding, etc.

Space here is rather limited and the tooling is a bit awkward. So I'll use this site just as an overall index of the topics I'll post on Google+. Since I just started it's a bit thin for now, but it will expand over time.

Topics that will be covered are:

* software in general,

* 'middleware' used as infrastructure

 * all sort of scripts on using computer vision and odometry. 

 * hardware in general, the use of sensors  and how to connect them